Acrylics & Marker on Cardboard, 36’x 29’, 1/1

Created with the intention of quieting the rational and critical mind to let intuition and the deeper self speak, Eleonora Volpe's paintings are never pre-planned; rather, each is the pure expression of the "here and now." After channeling her intention, Volpe selects her colors and creates movements on the canvas in a spontaneous way, without focusing on actual forms. Instead, she deepens into the process through a trance-like, meditative, and compulsive state. She remains hyper-focused on every region of the painting until there is nothing left to add. Only then is the painting complete and manifested.

Inspired by the process of Pollock, each of Volpe's works is meant to be viewed from every angle and perspective. What emerges from this process is an organic and abstract style that intertwines the artist's own visions and emotions. Eleonora hopes that her paintings induce a deep remembrance of vibrant natural elements in an abstract way.

Framing may be included with purchase and can be customized to the collector's preferences. For more details, please contact info@bustani.agency.

Artwork by Eleonora Volpe︎

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