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Van Blancke's «Posterum // The Future» is a philosophical and spiritual reflection on how the world, including our society, could evolve through its own culture and way of functioning. Based on and mirroring the work of Dante and his epic poem "The Divine Comedy," the collection opens with three ink drawings. The first depicts the doors of this future world - an invitation for the viewer to enter into the collection. Beyond these doors, a drawing on Nature and another on Resurrection; specifically, a future resurrection of the world itself. These three themes serve as the basis of a new universe in which subjects relating to the present, past, and future world will be explored and discovered over time. The drawings offer an initiatory way to discover this new and emerging world.

«Resurrectionem // Resurrection»
«Voluptatis // Garden of Eden»

The Process:

Artwork by Van Blancke︎

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