Cosmic Golden Egg
Cosmic Golden Egg (Sold)

Throughout history, eggs have been noted as a symbol of cosmic unity and represented as such within alchemy, Hindu mythology, and other religions. “Eggs are primal, a unified binary system.” Spherical and loose in nature, the yellow and white serve as two elements that can interact, but are self-contained like the cosmos.

The Cosmic Golden Egg is bound together at the center by a belt of diamonds while suspended in a black void prior to the cracking and dispersion of energy. This is the beginning state, when energy is encapsulated in its most pure fluid form.

Original scan (included):

The Digital Archive:36AF1

Primal Light

Cracking and breaking the Primal Egg yolk releases pure vibrational energy in every direction as the Big Bang.

The light radiates from the center in a geometric pattern with tints of red at the core and extending into white and blue. The geometric patterns act as a structure for energy that was once fluid and now takes the form of triangles in a once black void. White light fills the space and the outer edges become blue, “the color of the atmosphere” as described by Lawrence. Primal Light is light unfolded into triangles transforming a void into a light energy into a generated pattern and background.

Original scan (included):

The Digital Archive:36AF2

Heavenly Chords
The speed of light slows to the speed of sound. As the energy expands over time, the blue aura thickens, becoming the site for the celestial archetypes of Heaven. In this psychedelic tableau of Heavenly Harmony, a female angel and her twin generate mesmerizing prismatic sound waves. The black triangular center echoes the black void of the Golden Egg as a complete example of energy regeneration.

Original scan (included):

The Digital Archive:36AF3

Spectral Earth
As density increases, pure energy is transformed into a vibrational and color filled sphere that represents Nature in its pre-physical form. Within this multi-color psychedelic Earth, “the central core is orange with black highlights, which are the dense interconnectedness of vegetated Nature like leaves, roots, and organic material as opposed to geometric interconnectedness. The forces are of growth and of Nature with jewel-like qualities at the core.” Spectral Earth displays an optical representation of “a magical force in Nature flowing through things we can’t see.” The surrounding white light echoes the white diamond-like light of the Cosmic Golden Egg and is further surrounded by colors of purple and yellow. These two colors are complimentary to one another, representing polarity.

Original scan (included):

The Digital Archive:36AF4

Demonic Theater
Demonic Theater (Sold)

Unlike a symbol, this image can be described as an allegory of human consciousness, “an allegorical tableau of human existence which is theatrically framed in a New York City urban environment.”

“What we get are fragments of reality, we can’t tell which is the correct image and which is reversed, just like the mirror. The retina reverses perception, so we live in a world of doubling and reversal.” The meaning of the fragmentation is unidentifiable because it’s constantly becoming another fragment as consciousness attempts to perceive it further. “So we’re now in a world of time, fragmentation, and enigma. It’s a theatrical space which represents life. We need the theater to frame things and we need art to understand them better.”

In this image, graphic psychedelic edges frame the center stage of the human drama, representing human experience which reaches beyond the self through the resonance between green, purple, and blue toward the higher vibrations of psychedelic reality.

Original scan (included):

The Digital Archive:36AF5

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