Cracking and breaking the Cosmic Golden Egg yolk releases primal vibrational energy in every direction as the Big Bang. The light radiates from the center in a geometric pattern with tints of red at the core and extending into white and blue. The geometric patterns act as a structure for energy that was previously fluid and now takes the form of triangles in a once black void. White light fills the space and the outer edges become blue, “the color of the atmosphere."

This visionary experimental series — fusing analog and digital mediums — focuses on singular images which cross multiple structural, chromatic, and psychic planes of attunement. By digitally folding and unfolding the image, the process allows viewers the opportunity to have deeper and more refined optical experiences of Nature and urban architecture as sacred realities. The auratic colors, emergence of meditative geometry, and crystalized primal vibrations may help open the viewer’s "third eye" by uncovering a living connection between consciousness and waves of complex solar energies.

These digital folds were chosen to explore and expand Lawrence Horn's analog archive, referenced on the blockchain as The Digital Archive, accessible via thedigitalarchive.art. Quotes by Lawrence Horn.  Both NFTs pictured (the original digital scan and the SuperRare digital fold) are included with purchase.

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Original Scan “36AF2”