Infrared Film, Crystal & Color Lens Filters, 1/1

This vignetted image of the Empire State Building presents an ethereal and geometric vision of this iconic New York City landmark. The image was captured on infrared film, which gives the scene a surreal and dreamlike quality. The use of a crystal filter adds another layer of complexity, while the reflections and refractions of light create a dazzling array of elements. The result is a mesmerizing and otherworldly interpretation of the Empire State Building, one that is both familiar and mysterious. As the building rises up from the city street in a majestic and luminous way, the intricate details and sleek lines of the building's design are emphasized by the light in a dramatic fashion. 7200 dpi scans are available upon request. Pictured is a digital interior rendering.

Specialty print is included with purchase. Collector may choose between archival paper options or ChromaLuxe white aluminum. Size will be customized to the collector's specific requirements. Please email info@bustani.agency for more information.

Photography by Lawrence Horn︎

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