“Eye-Wakening” by Eleonora Volpe

Eleonora Volpe, a self-taught sustainable artist based in New York, grew up in Italy where art was an integral part of her upbringing. In 2016, she embarked on a career in New York as a sustainable stylist and creative director. However, the COVID-19 pandemic provided her with unexpected time and a surge of emotions. This led her to see potential in discarded cardboard boxes from her condominium, transforming them into art.

Her unique "visceral art" style captures raw emotions, offering a glimpse into her innermost dreams, fears, and desires. Eleonora's works, inspired by the fluidity of perspectives, don't prescribe a single "correct" viewpoint. Instead, they present an organic and abstract reflection of her personal visions. Each piece is distinct, aiming to resonate with natural elements in an abstract manner.

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