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Volpe's artistry, deeply anchored in sustainability, transforms discarded cardboard into vibrant canvases, giving new life to the overlooked. Her creation process is as distinctive as her material choice, letting the canvas lead and intuitively layering colors and movements. This dance between artist and medium results in ethereal abstract works, showcasing her commitment to sustainability and reflecting her deepest emotions. In her meditative art-making, Volpe captures the present moment's essence and emphasizes repurposing's value. Expanding her sustainable impact, she offers upcycled clothes at Art to Ware in the Oculus, posters, and items on Etsy. Additionally, select artworks are available as NFTs, merging traditional artistry with digital innovation.

To purchase, please click the image you’d like to acquire and you will be directed to the check out page.

Each individual work can be framed prior to shipping. Moreover, to establish and confirm ownership, a digital trail of provenance is incorporated onto the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain, renowned for its decentralized and transparent nature, serves as an immutable ledger, ensuring the authentication of each artwork's ownership and origination.

The comprehensive management of these unique and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is entrusted to Bustani Agency. Specializing in the handling of such assets, the agency assumes the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity of the NFTs. This includes providing diligent oversight throughout the entire lifecycle of the works, from their creation to subsequent transfers.

Upon purchasing an original work, the holder possesses the ability to redeem the corresponding NFT at any given time. For further inquiries or to obtain additional information regarding the NFTs and their redemption process, please reach out to Bustani Agency directly at info@bustani.agency.

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