The speed of light slows to the speed of sound. As the energy expands over time, the blue aura thickens, becoming the site for the celestial archetypes of Heaven. In this psychedelic tableau of Heavenly Harmony, a female angel and her twin generate mesmerizing prismatic sound waves. The black triangular center echoes the black void of the Cosmic Golden Egg as a complete example of energy regeneration.

This visionary experimental series — fusing analog and digital mediums — focuses on singular images which cross multiple structural, chromatic, and psychic planes of attunement. By digitally folding and unfolding the image, the process allows viewers the opportunity to have deeper and more refined optical experiences of Nature and urban architecture as sacred realities. The auratic colors, emergence of meditative geometry, and crystalized primal vibrations may help open the viewer’s "third eye" by uncovering a living connection between consciousness and waves of complex solar energies.

Both NFTs pictured (the original digital scan and the SuperRare digital fold) are included with purchase.

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︎Blockchain Ownership
︎︎ ETH 1.370

Original, “36AF3”

SuperRare, “Heavenly Chords”